Tutorial: Known limitations

Known limitations

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Although we are working hard on this library, it still has some known shortcomings. Consider this list to make sure there are no potential blockings.

  • It is not mobile-friendly (yet)

    Only the basic functionality works with mobile devices, which means you should be able to display, edit and scroll the grid. We can't guarantee that all the plugins will work as we don't test Handsontable in mobile browsers.

  • It uses several dependencies

    Our team follows the "proudly found elsewhere" principle which encourages us to make use of the great work done by other developers. You will probably find the following open source libraries being utilized by Handsontable:

  • It is not fully covered by unit tests

    In the current version only a part of the code is covered by unit tests. We aim to increase that number to at least 90%.

  • Copy-paste is dependent on Flash

    We use ZeroClipboard to allow users copy and paste using the context menu. That library uses Flash to make it possible. We are seriously considering switching to Clipboard API as soon as it's fully supported by all popular browsers.